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Wild Horses

Sand Springs Trail Rides

Coming Soon!!

Your trip to Montana would not be complete without being able to say, "I rode a horse in Montana!"

These are beginner friendly, one and two hour trail rides, geared for the traveling Montana visitor. Reservations are recommended, but not necessary.

Your ride begins with a mini-lesson to ensure your safety and comfort, and then we go out the gate to explore the rugged Montana landscape that was once an inland sea, and where dinosaurs roamed after the sea was gone!

We have horses for all age and experience levels. Don't leave until you have experienced the Montana Mystique from the back of a horse!

Helmets (provided) and sensible footwear required! We reserve the right to refuse service in the interest of safety and the welfare of the horse. Weight limit 225 lbs. If you are heavy, please don't request a ride. Thanks!

1-1/2 hour ride: $75 per person

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