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The Sand Springs Hostel

Coming Summer 2024!!

FROM ADVENTURECYCLING.ORG: "Initially in Montana — especially if you are bucking headwinds — the riding might be characterized as "put your head down and grin and bear it" conditions. You won't actually lay eyes on the Missouri River for some 350 miles. But that is not to say that you will not experience some the most spectacular mountain-and-plains vistas in North America. At Circle, after turning west onto State Highway 200, the wind will be a concern; it can affect your steering and make it hard, or even impossible, to hear cars approaching from the rear. A rear-view mirror, always a good idea, is strongly suggested in windy areas such as these. If you want to go there, the 60.7-mile Fort Peck Spur takes you to the town of Fort Peck and the impressive Fort Peck Dam, one of the largest hydraulic earth-filled dams in the world. From Lewistown to Fort Benton, you'll ride through the Montana of imagination, an idyllic scene that Charlie Russell, "America's cowboy artist," couldn't have bettered."

This is NOT the Sand Springs Hostel, but was as close to our vision as I could get!

As you cycle through the great plains of Montana, you can look forward to a break at Sand Springs, right on the Northern Tier Route between Maine and Washington State!

You may camp outdoors if the weather is good, or come inside and enjoy segregated bunks with outlets, charging ports, and a small shelf. Bunks are enclosed with blackout curtains for privacy and comfort. In the bikers lounge is a microwave and coffee maker, also available is a washer, dryer, utility sink and clothesline in a separate area. Recharge with excellent scratch made food in our cafe, and stock up on cycling supplies and high protein snacks and meals for your trip.

You can even bring your bikes inside with you! We also offer clean showers, picnic tables, tent spots/platforms w/wind breaks. Keyed Lockers with charge strips will be added too. Private "family style" rooms are available for couples and families.

Lodging in the Hostel is a modest $20/night per person and includes everything listed above. Camping outdoors is $10/night per person, with an added $5 charge for one load of laundry, washed and dried.

Bikepackers Rest Stop
Bicycle Bikepacker Milkshake

You'll at least want to stop for one of our famous milk shakes!!

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